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Frequently Asked Questions

Weather / Rescheduling
Q: What if the weather does not corporate?
A: You may re-schedule your event, due to weather, up to the night before the event.  Once we have left our location, your eligibility to re-schedule will no longer be available.  We will require payment in full.  If you have re-scheduled, your deposit will be credited towards your next rental.  Jump for Joy always tries to watch the weather and will try to contact you prior to your event.  However, it is still your responsibility to re-schedule if you feel it is necessary.  We have the right not to set up in any place or situation we feel is unsafe for use.  

Q:  What if we need to reschedule?
A:  You  may reschedule prior to your event.  There will be no penalty for this type of reschedule.

Q: What do you charge for delivery?
A: We offer FREE DELIVERY AND SETUP of your inflatable rental in the Greater Grand Forks area -- otherwise we may have to charge a delivery fee.   

Q: What is included with delivery?
A:  We arrive with all accessories needed to run your event properly; then set up and inspect your inflatable for safety and cleanliness. When the event is over, we will arrive to disassemble and remove the unit.  The renter is responsible for supplying power (electricity), unless generators have been requested.  

Q: What time do you deliver and pick up the inflatable?
A: Rental times vary, and we can usually be flexible to meet your needs.  We will deliver and set up the inflatable at least 30 minutes prior to your start time (you don't pay for setup time). Pick up times will also vary, if you have specific needs, please let us know and we will work with them.  With deposit, we will set up exact times for your event.

Q: How long does it take to set up an inflatable?
A: On average 15 - 20 minutes per an inflatable.

Q: Can we pick up the inflatables from your office and set the units up ourselves?
A:  Yes, you may pick up your games from our facility, but a word of caution that these games are bulky (up to 6 feet high and 4 feet wide) and heavy (avg weight 250-300 lbs)  We will help you load and unload during pickup/drop-off.  The rental is for 24 hours and you must use a pick-up or trailer to haul the unit(s). You will have to sign a liability waiver when you pick up. 

Q: Do we require assistance in setting up the inflatables?
A: No, when we deliver, we will bring all necessary help to set up your inflatable(s).  If it is a larger event with a shorter time frame for set up, we may ask for help.

Q: What types of surfaces can inflatables be set up on and what preparation needs to be done?
A: We need a level, uniform surface, such as grass, concrete, blacktop, wood floors, or carpet. No dirt, rock, gravel, or sand setups.  Pick up any animal feces and allow at least 5 feet of clearance around the dimensions of the inflatable.  Inform us if the inflatable will be setup inside/outside and the type of surface.

Q: Can I have an inflatable at a park and is there power?
A:   Jump for Joy Bounce Houses will set-up at all parks with permission. You will need to contact your town’s recreation department to get the permission. Most parks have power located where the picnic tables/shelters are.  Contact us for more details on the park you are considering.   

Q: How much electricity does each unit use? What type of power source is needed?
A: Standard Outlet. Each blower uses from 8 – 12 amps of power, some inflatables take one 20 amp circuit, while others can use 2 blowers on one standard 20 amp circuit. Our blowers work on standard household 110V circuits- no special outlets are needed. The outlet can be a maximum of 100 feet from the inflatable.  If you require a generator; we rent them for $50 and one will power up to 3 blowers.
Q: Does the blower have to run all the time?
A: Yes, the blower keeps the bounce house inflated. As long as all riders have exited safely, the blower can be unplugged to deflate the bouncer. This is sometimes necessary to give the adult supervisors a break and let the kids take a breather.

Q: How far in advance do I need to reserve a bouncer?
A: As soon as you've confirmed a date, we recommend that you book your bouncer. There's nothing worse than getting your party organized, then calling up to book a bounce house, and finding that none are available. Especially in spring and summer, games are booked fast!! Why not just avoid the stress, and book it now. We can book as far as one year in advance. If you have last minute plans to rent a bounce house or if you've just found out about us, give us a call anyway. You never know unless you call us.

Q: How safe are bounce houses?
A: Bouncers are very safe, as long as all the rules are followed and common sense is used. Bumps and bruises occasionally can be expected. However, most people have a misconception about bounce houses, and think of them as a "baby sitter." Rent a bounce house, and the adults can be left alone. WRONG! Most of the injuries are caused by or happen to unsupervised children. Just as you would not leave children unattended in a swimming pool, do not leave children unattended in a bounce house. They must be supervised at all times, and the rules must be enforced!

Q: How much does an inflatable cost?
A: Our inflatables start at $220 and up.  We factor in many variables when creating a proposal.  If you have an event with multiple inflatables to rent, let us know as soon as you can,and we will get a customized proposal to you right away.

Q: Do you offer multi unit discounts?
A: Yes; we factor in the length of time, date, availability, and location.  A customized proposal will be created for you.  Every event is unique and we try to be flexible with each individual needs.  Contact us at 701-430-1655 to ask about multi-unit discounts.

Q: What method of payment is accepted?
A: All Major Credit Cards, Checks and cash; we request a signed rental agreement with deposit check in order to reserve your inflatables.

Q: Do you require a deposit to reserve an inflatable?
A: Yes, because inflatables are rented on a first come first reserved basis; we require a deposit (usually $40-50) to reserve all inflatables. Special arrangements may be made in certain situations, ask for details.

Insurance / Responsibilities
Q:  Is Jump for Joy, LLC insured?
A: Yes; we are insured by a 2,000,000 general liability policy.   

Q: Can we be added to Jump for Joy's insurance policy as an additional insured?
A: Yes; your committee, business, or personal can be added to our policy as an additional insured, although we may charge a fee.  You will receive an insurance certificate once we have reserved your inflatables.

Q: Who is responsible for the equipment operation? 
A: Jump for Joy understands every event is unique in its own way and strives to accommodate the best we can.  At each event you may choose to staff it yourself or have us staff the entire event.  A charge will be assessed per staff member if J4J supplies attendants.  

Q: What happens if we damage the unit?
A: Severe damage is unlikely, but customers are held liable for any and all damages to equipment other than normal wear and tear. (Examples but not limited to: Ripped seam on an inflatable due to “overloading riders”, silly sting stains, cut from a sharp item, etc). However customer is not liable for damages to equipment due to previously damaged or faulty equipment.

Q: Can you provide an operator for our inflatables?
A: Yes, we can fully run your entire event for an agreed upon price.

Q: How many kids can fit on an inflatable?
A: Varies depending on age of kids, what type inflatable, etc. We will go over restrictions as per rental agreement.

Q: Are the inflatables clean?
A: Yes! We clean and sanitize each of our inflatables after every rental or when we set them up. As we clean them, we also do a thorough safety check so that each customer gets their inflatable in good, safe condition. This does not mean that you should not expect some dirt, leaves and other debris in games - it's impossible to be 100% clean.

Q: What happens if we spill on the units?
A:  We ask that customers provide garbage cans near the inflatable to prevent messes.  If a spill is made, the customer must clean it up immediately using cleaning supplies.

Q: Can we tape signs on the unit?
A: NO - TAPE No duct tape, masking tape, or tape of any kind allowed on inflatables! If game signs and ticket signs are needed they must be placed on a chair, table, box, or on a board hammered into the ground NOT ON THE INFLATABLE. Customer will be charged a cleaning fee of $50 per game if tape has been used.

Make your next event memorable: Call  today 701-430-1655!!!!

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