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Bounce Houses/Combos

Stars and Stripes Combo Bounce House - $220

Grand Palace Bounce House Combo - $220


Princess Castle Combo Bounce House - $220

Pirate Ship Combo (Slide Inside)- $220

Frozen Combo Bounce House (Slide Inside) - $220

Dimensions: 15W x 33L x 15H

Princess Kidzone Combo Bounce House - $220

Dimensions: 19W x 17L x 14H


Wacky Kidzone Combo Bounce House - $220

Dimensions: 16W x 17L x 10H

Balloon Combo Bounce House (Slide Inside) - $220

Football Toss, Elephant or Ninja
$50 w/ Other Rental


Dimensions: 15W x 20L x 15H

Dimensions: 6W x 8L x 6H

Speed Pitch -

$100 w/ Other Rental

Speed Pitch.JPG

Dimensions: 12W x 20L x 12H

Floating Baseball -

$50 w/ Other Rental

Foot Darts -
$50 w/ Other Rental

Foot darts.heic

Basketball Shot -

$100 w/ Other Rental

Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course - $750

Tropical Rush Obstacle Course - $750

Obstacle Courses

Dimensions: 30W x 42L x 16H

Dimensions: 30W x 44L x 16H

Rio Rush Obstacle Course - $550


Dimensions: 14W x 63

L x 14H

Wacky Rush Obstacle Course - $550

Dimensions: 14W x 60L x 16H

Acceleration Rush Obstacle Course - $450

Dimensions: 14W x 52L x 14H

Obs Course.jpg

Wet/Dry Slides

Wild Wave
Wet/Dry Slide - $550

Dimensions: 15W x 33L x 19H

Blue Monster
Wet/Dry Slide - $550

Dimensions: 20W x 25L x 18H

Justice League Wet/Dry Slide - $350


Lil Monster
Wet/Dry Slide - $250

Dimensions: 12W x 25L x 12H

Jungle Wet/Dry Slide - $450


33 Foot Slip and
Slide - $250

Interactive Games

Balance Bash - $400

Bungee Run - $400

Dimensions: 11W x 15L x 10H

Gaga Pit - $100

int gaga pit.jpg

Boxing - $300

Dimensions: 11W x 30L x 10H

Joust - $400

Dimensions: 30W x 25L x 5H

Dunk Tank - $250

Dimensions: 13W x 13L x 8H

Water Capacity : 500 Gallons


SnoKone Machine - $60

Tables - $10 per
Chairs - $2 per

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